Release notes and changelog

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  • Support for virtualizing services that read and write files (currently in beta)
  • Support JMS byte messages (any bytes message, with special support for objects)
  • Upgraded Wiremock to 2.10.1
  • New handlebar helpers xPath, xPathList, jsonPath, jsonPathList, regex, equal, ifEven, size
  • JMS is not in beta any more
  • IBM®MQ native MQ support is not in alpha any more
  • New Maven plugin for replaying HTTP/JMS/MQ traffic during integration tests


  • Fixed missing pages in community edition
  • Fixed links on help page
  • Fixed an issue with the stop script on Windows


  • Do not escape characters < > " ' ` & if they are produced by handlebars helpers
  • Handlebars each helper now only iterates over iterable arguments
  • Recorded cookies format has changed
  • com.trafficparrot.sdk.jms.Equal moved to com.trafficparrot.sdk.handlebars.Equal
  • com.trafficparrot.sdk.jms.MissingHelper moved to com.trafficparrot.sdk.handlebars.MissingHelper



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