Why us?

Our software bridges the gap between open-source software like WireMock and Mountebank and commercial enterprise offerings such as Broadcom CA Lisa Service Virtualization or Parasoft Virtualize. For details on how we compare against other service virtualization tools, please see the tools comparison page.

Our consultants have been recognized by well-established publishing agencies such as InfoQ as thought leaders in service virtualization and API mocking and microservices testing space.

How are we different?

Our software is different from open source offerings because it supports multiple protocols/technologies, provides a graphical user interface, advanced features and commercial support.

Our software is different from other commercial offerings because it fits well into both centralized monolithic and distributed microservice architectures.

For more details, please see the Service virtualization and API mocking tools comparison.

Our blog

We blog at https://blog.trafficparrot.com/.

Our team

  • Wojciech Bulaty

    Founder of Traffic Parrot.

    A software developer bringing a decade of hands-on coding and leadership experience in Agile, XP, TDD, pair programming and clean coding.

    Believes in pair programming, continuous integration and the agile manifesto. Specializes in automation, TDD, stubbing and service virtualization.

  • Liam Williams

    Co-Founder at Traffic Parrot.

    Passionate about delivering real value to real people. Avid problem solver and analytical expert. An accomplished software professional skilled at developing high-quality software solutions that leverage appropriate automation techniques.

    Liam has over a decade of experience in the software industry, which he applies at Traffic Parrot to provide world leading support experiences for our customers and prospects.

Our external advisors

  • Sean Murphy

    Business support and customer development at Traffic Parrot.

    Has helped companies like Advanced Micro Devices, Cisco, 3COM and AMD work closely with startups to deliver new products and help improve existing portfolio.

    The CEO of SKMurphy, Inc. where he provides strategy advice on early customers and early revenue for technology products.

    A well known presenter on lean business conferences. Contributor to books on entrepreneurship, for example in "Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers".

  • Jeff Allison

    Executive Advisor.

    Jeff provides an executive perspective and insights to help drive Traffic Parrots organizational, business, sales and support strategies.

    He has over 30 year’s high tech experience in engineering development, methodology, leadership and executive management in EDA software and networking industries. He has extensive experience managing global engineering teams to provide innovative design solutions and has held various leadership roles responsible for customer satisfaction and overall product quality.