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What is Traffic Parrot?

Traffic Parrot helps IT teams deliver faster and with more predictability. It also helps reduce software testing costs. We do that by implementing a practice growing in popularity called service virtualization. Some also call it stubbing, mocking or simulating APIs.

Service virtualization is like using a wind tunnel to test your software. A new model of an aircraft before going to mass market production will be tested in a wind tunnel in different conditions. You can test software in a wind tunnel as well, by using Traffic Parrot.

Are your testers and developers often blocked by other teams? Do you find at least 5 bugs in production per release, and you would like to instead find them in earlier stages of SDLC to reduce costs? Is one of the systems you depend on available only 2 days a week and you need it 5 days a week for testing your application? Is setting up test data in external systems expensive or time-consuming? Are you paying high third party system transaction fees every time you run the same suite of tests? Are you waiting for an external team to deliver an API you need for functional testing of your system?

Traffic Parrot helps with these problems by simulating backend and third party dependencies. For example, a tester will use Traffic Parrot to create virtual services to simulate a backend server. That will allow her to continue testing even if the backend server is unavailable. It also helps with setting up the test data; it is much easier to do that in a virtual service she has control over. You can manually craft the virtual service based on request/response pairs or create them by doing a recording of the traffic between your application and the backend or third party system.

List of capabilities

No more testers left behind!

  • Often developers are implementing the new best practices and using the cutting edge technology, following the latest trends.

  • Then, often testers get left behind, and have to keep up with developers.

  • Our tool helps to facilitate the communication between development and testing. Find out more in the Continuous Delivery team video.


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Why service virtualization?

  • Automate sooner

    Create automated suites of tests with less effort

  • Shift left, accelerate delivery

    You development teams work in parallel. You test teams detect defects early.

  • Simulate the dependencies

    Simulate test environments. Reduce infrastructure costs. Accelerate delivery by removing testing bottlenecks. Increase productivity with less manual test data management.

  • Simulate third party systems

    Reduce third party test transaction costs by 30% to 95%

  • Be more agile

    Decouple yourself from other teams and systems

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce costs, complexity, risk and time to market of your products

The team

  • Wojciech Bulaty

    Founder of Traffic Parrot.

    A software developer bringing a decade of hands-on coding and leadership experience in Agile, XP, TDD, pair programming and clean coding.

    Believes in pair programming, continuous integration and the agile manifesto. Specializes in automation, TDD, stubbing and service virtualization.

  • Liam Williams

    Technical lead at Traffic Parrot.

    Passionate about delivering real value to real people. Expert at developing high quality software solutions that leverage appropriate automation techniques.

    Over 10 years software development experience alongside a strong academic background in mathematics and computer science.

    Contributor to several open source projects, including Wiremock and Apache HttpClient. Author of a number of small open source libraries.

  • Sean Murphy

    Business support and customer development at Traffic Parrot.

    Has helped companies like Advanced Micro Devices, Cisco, 3COM and AMD work closely with startups to deliver new products and help improve existing portfolio.

    The CEO of SKMurphy, Inc. where he provides strategy advice on early customers and early revenue for technology products.

    A well known presenter on lean business conferences. Contributor to books on entrepreneurship, for example the recently published "Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers".

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