The ultimate guide to service virtualization, API mocking, API simulation and over the wire test doubles

A tutorial for developers and testers

Chapter 1: Getting started with stubbing, mocking and service virtualization

Chapter 2: Protocols (coming soon)

Chapter 3: Existing APIs and systems (coming soon)

Chapter 4: Non-existing APIs and systems (coming soon)

Chapter 5: Dynamic responses

Chapter 6: JMS ActiveMQ (coming soon)

Chapter 7: Mocking and simulating JMS IBM® WebSphere MQ

Chapter 8: Native IBM® WebSphere MQ (coming soon)

Chapter 9: Serialized Java Objects (coming soon)

Chapter 10: File transfers (coming soon)

Chapter 11: Usage patterns (coming soon)

Chapter 12: Microservices (coming soon)

Chapter 13: Other (coming soon)

Appendix A: How to run a free Docker IBM MQ for Developers on Windows, Linux and AWS EC2